Sunday, September 10, 2006

fsDM on iusethis

We've just added a new iusethis badge on this blog and on the product page of fennel DVDManager as well. It is meant to ease the process of registering your "vote" re the use of our li'l app. If you don't know this neat new service for the Mac community, we encourage you to discover it 'cause it's even fun to use, really.

So, if you're a (somewhat) happy user of fennel DVDManager, please use it to let us know you're kind of appreciating our efforts to deliver a simple, yet efficient DVD manager for our beloved platform… and then the counter will grow :) ! Thanks in advance.

Note: At the time of this post, the left-sided counter was stating "26usethis." And we know that we can do better, much better ;) !

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Back to Supporting Panther

Thanks to Gaël F., a generous donator, and with the help of Thierry G., we're today glad to say that we're ready to fully support Panther again. Yay!

While a couple of bugs previously reported to us on this platform have to—and now can—be ironed out, we've already been able to validate fennel DVDManager v1.6.6 to be compatible with Mac OS X v10.3 (instead of being restricted to Mac OS X v10.3.9 and above).

However please keep in mind that, due to limited resources, our top priority is still to provide the best support for Tiger… while being fully committed to solving any issue reported on Panther.

So thanks for your ongoing feedback; and thanks again to Gaël, from all of our users who are still using Panther as their primary system.